Monday, August 25, 2008

Embedded C programming - for beginners (1)

Here the beginner is me. :-) If you never touched embedded C programming before and want to learn it, join me. I have some experiences to share with you. We can teach and learn ourselves.

Embedded programming is always hardware related. You may at least need to buy a develop kit or emulator. The price is not that cheap (usually costs you several hundred bucks, with those bucks you can send roses to your GF everyday for two months). Can we save those bucks and still learn the fundamentals of embedded C programming? Congratualtion, you got it!

Thanks to Keil - An ARM company. If you never heared about Keil, congratulation again! you are the beginner and this article is right for you! Keil provides a great Evaluation Software supporting different paltforms but with very few limitations. It includes the assembler, compiler, linker, debugger, and IDE. Everything you need for embedded C learning is here. How to get it? Go to this webpage of Keil ( and you can get it free (you just need to fill out a simple form)!

Ok, next I'll show you how to write your first embedded C program.