Wednesday, March 12, 2008

[Wireless] New contender in Mobile TV - WiMAX

The latest news about WiMAX is that NextWave plans to introduce Mobile TV over WiMAX, which is currently named as MXtv. It will support up to 30 frames/second of video, and provides up to 45 mobile TV channels with 300kbps in 10 MHz. Nextwave will develop this MXtv with its partner Huawei Technologies USA and Alcatel-Lucnet. The news said they will demonstrate the technology at CTIA Wireless 2008 next month in Las Vegas.

In recent years, IP TV gains a lot of attention. In the wireline domain, some technologies have been proposed to provide the "Final Mile" data stream transmission for the consumer's premises, such as Passive Optical Network, Ethernet in the First Mile over copper. In the wireless domain, Mobile TV can be supported by two-way cellular network (such as 3G) or one-way dedicated broadcast network (such as satellite). Now WiMAX becomes a new platform for Mobile TV. No matter which one dominates or some of them share the market, the new Multimedia era is running to use.

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