Thursday, July 5, 2007

Is iPhone a phone?

The long rumored iPhone has finally arrived. Someone tore down the iPhone and found the processor is using ARM chips, the ROM and RAM are from Samsung, and the touch screen is made by Epson Imaging Device Corp. They estimated the hardware cost of 8GB iPhone will be about $270, which means the margin is about $330. Of course the margin cannot be that high, because the development cost is not taken into account. But it can be anticipated that the profit will be considerable.

So many reviews have been posted on the Internet officially by some evaluation groups or personally by Apple fans after June 29. No doubt some Apple fans shouted acclaims and some others attacked its shortcomings severely. I cannot afford buying an iPhone, but I'll try to give my two cents here based on the reviews I have read recently.

Basically, iPhone is not just a cell phone, it is even not just a smart phone. It innovates the UI (user interface) in a revolutionary way, which makes it so distinct. Although it lacks some functions that some ordinary handsets or smart phones are supporting, such as no voice dialing, no speed dialing, no games, only supports GSM and EDGE etc, its defects cannot obscure the virtues. The reason is that Apple does not have too much experience and technique accumulations on cell phone design, but it grows fast.

Shortly put, the applications of iPhone can be enhanced, the bugs can be fixed, and the services can be enriched gradually. They will not be problems as long as people have belief on it. Especially from the view of the psychology, Americans love to see a burgeoning force challenges the conventional world and finally gets the success (Google is a lively example). Of course, those big guys in handset industry will not await their dooms. They will fight back definitely. For customers, this will always be a good news. For Apple, the next generation iPhone will be critical and crucial. People can forbear the weakness even flaw of the new product, but cannot tolerate them again. I guess Apple alreay noticed this kind of issue. So, we'll see.

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