Friday, May 25, 2007

Free talk - Analogy between wireless network and society

Today when I was on the metro bus, an idea jumped into my mind: there is some similarity between the wireless network and the human society.

For example, a sensor network with data aggregation is as a community, a cellular network is like a country ruled by a dictatorial government, a pure ad hoc network can be considered with Anarchism (means abolition of governments), and a network with multiple access points is like a society with democracy (some nodes are 'elected' as access points).

The interesting thing is, what is good for the administration of the society, republic, federal , democracy or autocracy? Similarly, which network topology is effective for a wireless network? Why the existing mobile networks use the cellular architecture? Why most 802.11 networks are configured in IBSS (Infrastructure Basic Service Set)? Think about it...

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